BridgePort launched Original IPA into space

US-based brewery BridgePort Brewing launched a bottle of its brand Original IPA into space to mark its 22nd anniversary and the opening of its new BrewPub in Portland, Oregon.

The new craft brewery will feature an enhanced five-barrel brewing system.

The bottle of Original IPA was transported 22 miles into the sky and brought back down intact using a parachute.

Dannon launched new probiotic offerings Activia Dailies

Danone’s yoghurt maker DanoneWave introduced Activia Dailies, a line-up of new probiotic low-fat yoghurt drinks.

Activia Dailies is offered in strawberry, blueberry, cherry, vanilla and acai berry flavours.

The new 3.1oz drinks are claimed to feature live and active probiotics.

ABC began using Intellicheck’s Age ID to prevent underage drinking

The US Mid-Atlantic Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) initiated measures to prevent minors from purchasing alcohol.

As part of the move, ABC’s enforcement division is using technology solutions provider Intellicheck’s Age ID to authenticate drivers’ licenses and other forms of identification to prevent counterfeit IDs.

Intellicheck Interim CEO Bill White said: “We’re excited that yet another ABC board has selected Age ID to prevent minors from using fake or altered IDs to purchase age-restricted products.

“Nationwide, 27 law enforcement and alcohol compliance agencies now use Intellicheck’s Age ID because they have seen the significant impact Age ID is having with its ability to deliver real-time identification authentication with 99.9% accuracy.”

fairlife introduced new ultra-filtered cow’s milk with DHA Omega-3

US-based dairy brand fairlife launched new ultra-filtered cow’s milk product fairlife DHA Whole Milk.

Packed in 52oz bottles, the new milk product is an addition to the brand’s portfolio of 2% ultra-filtered milk with docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

fairlife co-founder and dairy farmer Sue McCloskey said: “As a dairy company rooted in innovation, fairlife is dedicated to consistently launching great-tasting products that provide essential nutrients and vitamins.”

Japanese craft gin Roku available at Waitrose

Japanese gin Roku was launched at Waitrose stores in the UK.

The new craft gin is made by Japanese distillery The House of Suntory. It features Japanese botanicals green teas Sencha and Gyokuru, Yuzu, Sanshō pepper, Sakura flower (cherry blossom) and Sakura leaf.

Waitrose spirits buyer John Vine said: “We are proud of our range of British gin but there is still room to experiment with drinks from further afield.

“Japanese whisky once raised eyebrows but now wins awards and sits happily alongside established Scottish brands in the UK. We are confident that Roku will be popular with gin fans and it’s just the tonic for showing off to guests.

“The House of Suntory has pushed the botanical boundaries. The six more unusual Japanese ingredients sit alongside those we are more familiar with including juniper berries, cinnamon and cardamom.”

PepsiCo launched new Drinkfinity range in US

US-based food and beverage company PepsiCo launched new beverage brand Drinkfinity.

The new beverage consists of a number of wet and dry ingredients packaged in individual reusable, Bisphenol A (BPA) free pods. These pods come with a portable bottle called the Vessel.

Consumers pick and choose from the pods, combining the ingredients in the water-filled 200oz Vessel to create their custom-made beverage blends.

Molson Coors released Miller High Life bottles in Canada

US-based brewery Molson Coors introduced bottled versions of its beer brand Miller High Life to the Canadian market following a successful launch in cans last year.

The new bottles have been released in select markets across the country, including Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec.

Molson Coors Miller and Value Brands senior marketing director Joy Ghosh said:  “Miller High Life’s premium and iconic bottles, holding a brew that is refreshing and delicious, brings to life Frederick Miller’s belief that great beer should be within everyone’s reach.”

Cola-Cola launched two new fruit-flavoured beverages

Coca-Cola expanded its product line-up with the introduction of two new peach and raspberry flavoured beverages.

Available in 12oz single glass bottles or in four-packs, the beverages are found in retail stores, local restaurants and bars in the US.

The initiative is part of the company’s strategy to capitalise on growing demand for craft sodas.