Eden Mill has revealed further plans for its £3.1m ($3.9m) distillery in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland.

First revealed in February last year, the facility is reported to be part of the company’s longer-term £8m ($10.1m) investment programme.

Eden Mill expects to increase its production capacity from 300,000l per annum to more than one million bottles per year.

In addition, the distillery will help the company achieve a zero carbon footprint by focusing on sustainable whisky production.

Eden Mill co-founder Paul Miller said: “The Eden Mill at the Eden Campus is the perfect location to create our innovative new distillery and production facility.

“The demand for the Eden Mill wide range of whisky and gin products is growing at a rapid pace and this modern new plant will help us satisfy that demand and expand even further.”

For the facility expansion, the company will be investing £1.1m ($1.4m) for building works, while £2m ($2.5m) will be invested for plant expansions, The Spirits Business reported.

In February last year, the company submitted a planning application, with intent to convert a paper mill building, which is located close to its existing distillery and brewery, as part of efforts to increase the production of beer, gin and whisky.

The facility is expected to be completed by mid-2020.