US-based craft spirits producer Eastside Distilling has secured a royalty-free license from Rich Marks to sell products under its Redneck Riviera brand.

Eastside is expected to initiate production and sale of the first Redneck Riviera Whiskey product sometime during the next six to eight weeks. It will be initially distributed in the Gulf Coast area.

Rich Marks is controlled by John Rich, a country music singer-songwriter who performs with the Big & Rich band. He said: “I love a smooth blend of whiskey and a tight cigar to chill out after a rocking Big & Rich show or just a nice evening at home, so to be announcing this new whiskey is such a thrill and honour.

“Branding for the Redneck Riviera products will include a new bottle design.”

“My personal tasting panel of friends and fellow whiskey drinking performers spent months going for exactly the right type of smooth taste that we enjoy in Canadian whiskey, both on stage and off, and now can also enjoy from something local made right here in America.”

Branding for the Redneck Riviera products will include a new bottle design, which will be managed by Eastside in collaboration with Portland-based Sandstrom Partners.

Eastside chairman and CEO Grover Wickersham said: “We like working with John Rich and T.J. McDaniel of Redneck Riviera.

“The reactions from the distributors we’ve met with and sampled to so far, during what is normally a hard time of the year to get attention, has been very exciting.”