Covid-19: Rebecca Creek Distillery to temporarily produce alcohol hand cleaners

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US-based Rebecca Creek Distillery announced that it has temporarily started the production of alcohol-based hand cleaners at its facility.

This will help meet the increasing demand for the product from first responders and essential employees engaged in the fight against coronavirus (Covid-19).

The company noted that USFDA has issued temporary production guidelines for the manufacture of certain alcohol-based hand sanitiser products.

The company noted that for nearly a month owners Steven Ison and Steve Ryan have worked closely with crisis management officials across Texas to donate more than 1400 gallons of Love, Distilled.

The alcohol-based hand cleaner was delivered to first responders and essential employees located in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi, Arlington, and San Antonio.

Ryan said: “We’re producing Love, Distilled to respond to the growing requests of first responders. Our hand cleaner is 80% ethanol alcohol by volume as required by the FDA under their temporary guidelines. We’ll continue to work closely with first responders and essential employees.”

Additionally, the company has announced a fundraiser to benefit Meals on Wheels called WHISKEY & MUSIC, an All-Star Texas Country Music Facebook live concert.

Meal on Wheel of San Antonio CEO Vinsen Faris said: “It’s great that Rebecca Creek Distillery is bringing music fans together in this way to enjoy some good music and good times in the midst of all of this uncertainty. Everyone at Meals on Wheels is so excited about this event and the opportunity to share stories about who we serve.”

Last March, Rebecca Creek Distillery partnered with Blue Ridge Spirits & Wine Marketing (BRSWM) to further expand its footprint across in the US.

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