The Miami Distilling Company, a producer of vodka brand Toast, has begun the production and shipments of hand sanitiser products to meet the growing demand following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Toast Distillers, the parent company Miami Distilling, said that it has taken the initiative in response to the increasing demand for sanitiser from all sectors both at a local and national level.

Toast Distillers founder and president Dieuveny Jean Louis said: “While not straying from our core business strategies, Toast Distillers has expanded production efforts to utilise the full capacity of our distilling facility in response to the current needs of our country.

“Having been on the frontlines of this disaster in my home country of Haiti, I have seen firsthand what it takes to address national needs in the time of emergency.”

The company noted that the sanitiser products are produced at its distilling facility in Miami, bottled and packaged at a local FDA-approved manufacturing facility, and distributed to various parts of the country.

Going further, the company intends to increase its production efforts as demand for hand sanitisers continues to grow.

The Miami Distilling Company produces of vodka and rum products at its facility in Miami.

Its product portfolio includes brands such as Toast Vodka, Voka Vodka, Amazing Brands and TMDC Spirits.

Earlier this month, Still Austin Whiskey Co, a US-based distillery announced that it will make more than 100,000 gallons of hand sanitiser to support the fight against coronavirus (Covid-19) spread.