Cocoloco has introduced a new line of cold-pressed fruit juices in Singapore.

Called Whose Juice?, the new cold-pressed range features coconut water in tropical flavours such as kiwi, watermelon and mango. The coconut water has a pink hue due to polyphenols’ reaction with light.

The beverages are cold-pressed to optimise the nutritional value of their ingredients, and each drink is said to contain zero preservatives, colourings or added sugar.

Cocoloco founder Kelvin Ngian said: “Now is the right time to be introducing our new naturally pink coconut water and Whose Juice? brand into Singapore as we look to satisfy the increasing local demand for better, more nutritious juice options at more affordable prices.”

“Now is the right time to be introducing our new naturally pink coconut water and Whose Juice? brand into Singapore.”

Ngian further added: “A lot of coconut water and juice companies use high heat treatment when processing their products because it’s cheaper. But by doing that, they both remove most of the nutritional value from the original ingredients and change the taste of the juice.

“That’s why, at Cocoloco, we use an all-natural, heatless high-pressure process to ensure our customers can enjoy products that are as healthy and nutritious as they can possibly be.”

Several studies have indicated that polyphenols found in many fruits and vegetables may offer a range of health benefits such as improved digestion and weight management.

Natural coconut water has high levels of potassium and sodium and is thought to increase the body’s recovery after exercise. It is also high in potassium, which helps to tackle high blood pressure.

Cocoloco’s new range is available now in Singapore at Cold Storage and FairPrice Finest stores, as well as and online with RedMart.

RedMart food lead for market acquisition Pramod Nair said: “RedMart is committed to providing enterprising and unique local companies a platform to sell on our marketplace.

“Recently, we have seen a surge in interest for healthier alternatives across segments, and we are proud that homegrown businesses such as Cocoloco are stepping up with innovative products that cater to these growing customer demographics.”