Coca-Cola’s bottler, Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is piloting new robotic technology at Alton Towers Resort in the UK to deliver beverages to customers.

The new initiative is part of the company’s Ventures innovation investment fund.

CCEP vice-president and general manager Leendert Den Hollander said: “We are seeking out leading-edge technology start-ups and helping them to grow through access to expertise and the opportunity to test and refine their innovative solutions.

“The TeleRetail robots are a perfect example of how we are trialling technology that could enable 24 / 7 on-demand logistics services and eventually be something that can be scaled up to larger vehicles.

“By developing technology, solutions and processes, we can improve the way we operate, to better serve our customers and consumers now and in the future.”

For this new initiative, CCEP has collaborated with autonomous driving solutions provider TeleRetail to test the new robot in a high-traffic location.

As part of the trial, the robot will collect beverage products from the Alton Towers distribution centre and deliver them to beverage outlets located across the park using its artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

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Equipped with advanced technologies such as GPS, sight, sound and motion sensors, the robot has been designed to move safely around people and objects.

The robot has been fitted with laser sensors to calculate the distance of potential obstacles and stop safely when required, avoiding collisions with objects or people.

If the trial is successful, the software could be used on different sized vehicles to address the need for effective logistics solutions and also change the way CCEP delivers products to its customers.

TeleRetail co-founder Xenia Scholl said: “The robot is set to drive at pedestrian walking speed in the park during the pilot project. It’s exciting to see how park visitors positively react to the robot and interact with it.

“Our self-driving technology inside the robot is called ‘Aito’. It drives the robot autonomously and is constantly being advanced for use at a higher speed in vehicles of different sizes. It uses satellite images for navigation and is developed with the support of the European Space Agency.”