Coca-Cola India has entered the sports hydration segment with the launch of Powerade in the country.

The drink is formulated with ION4, a combination of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. The beverage contains a balance of carbohydrates and electrolytes, which enable quick fluid absorption and retention in order to provide extra energy to enhance performance for athletes during intense physical activity.

Coca-Cola India emerging categories director Anoop Manohar said: “The launch reiterates our strategy to drive growth by expanding our category play and offer consumers more of the beverages they want for every occasion in their lives.

“As a consumer-centric company, we continuously listen to the consumers, and our research has shown that a growing population of sports and fitness enthusiasts in India are looking for evolved hydration solutions that help them perform better.

“Powerade is a global sports hydration brand from The Coca-Cola Company’s portfolio which fuels fitness and sports enthusiasts, and helps them push their limits.”

The beverage will be endorsed by Indian cricket player Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He said: “Sports is at the core of who I am and defines me as a person. Building endurance and reaching peak performance is an integral part of the game we play.

“With Powerade now in India, athletes and fitness enthusiasts will be able to fight exhaustion and elevate their performance. I am happy to be associated with a brand that’s been developed with sports scientists to level up our performance. So power on!”

Powerade is a global brand with $2bn annual sales and is currently available in more than 80 countries across the globe.