Coca-Cola India has further expanded its portfolio in the country by launching Thums Up Charged No Sugar.

The new beverage is the company’s first home-grown beverage product that is sugar-free variant and has the same strong taste.

Coca Cola India and South West Asia Public Affairs and Communication vice-president Ishteyaque Amjad said: “Coca-Cola India is accelerating its strategic evolution to become a total beverage company by offering innovative and localised beverage choices to consumers.

“The launch of Thums Up Charged No Sugar not only marks the expansion of our product portfolio but also demonstrates our efforts to innovate products locally that meet changing consumer tastes and preferences.

“This is a significant milestone for us in our sugar reduction strategy and I am delighted to announce that leading this journey is our very own home grown brand Thums Up.”

The beverage firm further explained that the launch of no sugar variant in India is part of its commitment to promote moderation and also offer its consumers the choice of regular, low-sugar and sugar-free options to choose from.

“This is a significant milestone for us in our sugar reduction strategy.”

The new Thums Up Charged No Sugar will be available in can and PET bottle formats, while the packaging of the product will feature illustrations of four Marvel Avengers Super Heroes; Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Black Widow.

Coca-Cola India and South West Asia Marketing vice-president Vijay Parasuraman said: “Last year, we introduced Thums Up Charged to celebrate the forty thunderous years of the iconic brand Thums Up and were elated to see the love amongst our consumers.

“We are now eager to take the iconicity of this brand to the next level with Thums Up Charged No Sugar and recruit more consumers in our journey to make Thums Up the first home-grown billion dollar beverage brand.

“The no-sugar, no-calorie variant is aimed at consumers who want to balance their sugar intake and enjoy their favorite drink as well.”