Arca Continental is planning to invest around MXN13bn ($681m) this year to strengthen its operations.

The company manufactures, distributes and markets non-alcoholic beverages under The Coca-Cola Company brand. The money will be used for market execution in its food and beverage divisions.

Of the total MXN13bn ($681m), Arca will allocate around MXN4.6bn ($240m) to its Mexican business, MXN3.4bn ($178m) (26%) for its activities in South America and MXN5bn ($261m) for its operations in the US, including MXN3bn ($157m) for a new manufacturing plant in Houston.

The company will continue to reinforce and expand its production, distribution and customer service capabilities in 2019 to strengthen its position and capture new opportunities for organic and inorganic growth.

Arca Continental board of directors chairman Manuel L Barragan Morales said: “In 2019, we will focus our efforts on innovation and on fine-tuning our diverse commercial initiatives. We will also reinforce operations in the US and in all our territories through greater digitisation projects and a more profound analysis of the information we collect from the market.”

“In 2019, we will focus our efforts on innovation and on fine-tuning our diverse commercial initiatives.”

Arca Continental CEO Arturo Gutierrez Hernandez spoke about the company’s performance last year and outlined its main strategies for this year.

The company’s sales have increased 14% year-on-year to $8.33bn in 2018, while earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) rose 5.7% to $1.44bn with a total consolidated volume of 2,220 million unit cases.

Morales added: “I am sure that in this new stage, guided by the effort, support and vision of Jorge Santos Reyna and the board of directors, by the continued collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company, as well as the leadership of our CEO, Arturo Gutierrez, we will maintain our firm positive evolution, fostering the growth of our employees and excellence in the service we offer our customers and consumers.”

Arca Continental is reported to be the second-largest Coca-Cola bottler in Latin America. It is engaged in the production and distribution of salted snacks under the Bokados brand in Mexico, Inalecsa in Ecuador and Wise and Deep River in the US.