Cider Australia has urged the Australian Government to make changes to the regulatory framework to unlock growth potential in the cider industry.

One request was the introduction of a minimum juice content for cider. The company claims that existing rules are holding back growth opportunities and making it difficult for consumers and producers to distinguish higher quality products in the marketplace.

Cider Australia president Sam Reid said: “Cider producers must navigate a ridiculous situation whereby the Food Standards define cider as one thing and the Australian Tax Office defines cider using another definition and neither of these definitions includes a minimum juice content, which every other country globally sees fit to include in their definitions.

“Cider Australia is doing all it can to drive integrity in the market.”

“The regulatory framework is certainly not ticking any of the boxes on why we have food standards in the first place, such as to ensure consumers can make informed choices and to promote consistency with international standards.”

Without making changes to the regulatory requirements, the cider sector could face suboptimal levels of investment in orchards and cider processing infrastructure, as well as employment, skills development and research and development (R&D), says Cider Australia.

Reid further added: “Cider Australia is doing all it can to drive integrity in the market and is exceptionally proud to have recently launched a trust mark that can be displayed on ciders made with 100% Australian grown fruit, but we need effective regulation to support these efforts.”