Chareau has announced a partnership with Espiritus Group as part of its strategy to speed up sales and distribution for its aloe liqueur in the US.

This partnership is expected to more than triple the existing sales team for the beverage, enlisting the key executive leadership team from Espiritus partners Jay Maltby, Chuck Chand and Eric Rubin.

Jay Maltby is the co-founder of Angel’s Envy Bourbon and former Cruzan Rum CEO, while Chuck Chand is the former Brown Forman executive and Eric Rubin is the co-founder of Tres Agaves Tequila.

“Espiritus has the team, experience and market expertise to help us make Chareau a household name.”

Chareau founder Kurt Charron said: “As one of the fastest growing liqueur brands in the country, Chareau is quickly becoming a bar staple across the US, and Espiritus has the team, experience and market expertise to help us make Chareau a household name.”

Espiritus chairman Jay Maltby said: “We are excited to be partnered with Chareau, bringing our marketing and sales capabilities to leverage the foundation of effective brand building that Kurt and his team have laid over the past six years.”

Launched in 2013, Chareau has received numerous awards. Its simple package and marketing campaign have enabled the company to grow by more than 100% in revenue in 2018 compared with 2017 figures.

Espiritus COO Chuck Chand said: “Kurt has built an effective and high-performing team that is complementary to our group at Espiritus. We are looking forward to accelerating the growth of the brand, creating additional value for its shareholders.”

Chareau is an all-natural aloe vera liqueur created by Kurt. The spirit blends distilled cucumber, spearmint, lemon peel and muskmelon, as well as fresh aloe vera juice sourced from local California farms.

It can be mixed with base spirits to create craft cocktails or served on ice with sparkling water.

Chareau contains around half the sugar of traditional liqueur and fewer calories than regular 40% alcohol-by-volume (ABV) spirits.