Stoli Group has released a new addition to the Cenote Tequila range.

Called Cristalino, the 80-proof tequila has 40% alcohol-by-volume (ABV). The beverage offers the traditional complex aromas of Cenote Añejo.

The tequila was aged in American Oak casks that previously aged the Añejo spirit for more than a year. It was then slowly passed through an activated carbon filtration to create an amber hue.

Master distiller Arturo Fuentes said: “I discovered after the filtration, the aging process can still capture the delicate notes from our Cenote Añejo.

“The Cristalino tequila sector is fairly new and ripe for entry.”

“Our Cristalino offers a subtle balance of cooked agave and sweet vanilla from the American Oak bourbon barrels. It’s unlike any Cristalino I’ve ever tasted before.”

Stoli Group first added Cenote Tequila to its portfolio in March 2018.

Stoli Group USA vice-president for prestige brands Lauren Ryan Kiyak said: “As the agave category continues to grow in the US, the Cristalino tequila sector is fairly new and ripe for entry. This segment is very popular in Mexico but has only recently impacted the U.S. market.

“While there is a level of loyalty, spirits consumers have always been interested in discovering new brands and expressions with unique profiles, but in recent years, we see this trend leaning towards ultra-premium sippable products, as well.”

Cenote Cristalino is made with volcanic water and offers sweet vanilla, herbs, dark chocolate and cinnamon spice flavours. The spirit is available in a crystal-clear bottle, which features Yucatán illustrations and Mayan glyphs. The spirit has a suggested retail price of $79.99.