Celsius Holdings, the maker of fitness drink CELSIUS, has signed a distribution deal with the Anheuser-Busch and PepsiCo networks.

The agreement gives Celsius entry into Anheuser-Busch’s wholesaler network that includes Great Bay Distributors, Double Eagle Distributing, and Ed F Davis.

Under the deal, Celsius secured distribution agreements with Bernicks, which is part of the PepsiCo network.

Celsius Holdings president and CEO John Fieldly said: “Growing demand for our proven fitness drinks continues to gain momentum as consumers and retailers align with today’s health and wellness trends.

“We are excited by the opportunity to partner with such well-established distributors and align ourselves with strategic organisations who will further support our momentum and broaden our retail footprint into 2019.

“These collaborations further reinforce our strategy to increase placements of CELSIUS products where our customers live, work and play, through a diversity of channels and geographic locations, including broadening our retail footprint in high-profile retailers and convenience stores such as Target, CVS, Wawa, and Kroger.”

“Success of the CELSIUS brand in 2018 has allowed us to open up multiple new DSD partners throughout the US.”

With these new distribution agreements, Celsius intends to further increase its product footprint across the US.

In addition to the latest partnerships, Celsius recently added five other distribution partners and is also in talks with additional network partners.

Celsius Holdings North America Sales senior vice-president Jon McKillop said: “Success of the CELSIUS brand in 2018 has allowed us to open up multiple new DSD partners throughout the US, several of which are associated with the largest global beverage brands.

“Distributors are seeking brands that will perform in a rapidly shifting energy and functional category and Celsius fits that need perfectly. We look forward to our new partnerships with top-flight DSD operators and will continue to expand into additional regions as we move into 2019.

“The future of the Celsius brand is extremely bright and the right distribution partnerships will be crucial to our continued success.”