Cawston Press has announced it will use pressed fruit juice instead of sugar to sweeten its soft drinks in response to the upcoming implementation of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy (SDIL) in the UK in April.

Cawston Press managing director Steve Kearns said: “We know from our 30 years’ experience in pressing fruit that nature does it best and it’s a small price to pay to know we’re bringing the best quality, best tasting drinks to the market. We believe in what we are doing and are excited to be paving the way for the future of soft drinks.”

The fruit-based beverage brand’s range of fizzy drinks will retain the same flavours; rhubarb, cloudy apple, elderflower and ginger beer. However, the new recipes will have less than 90 calories and contain 31% less sugar.

Through its elimination of added sugar to its soft drinks products, the brand has committed to cutting 300 tonnes of sugar from its range by December this year.

Kearns said: “This range is simpler, crisper and drier and because we’ve added more fruit they’re even fuller flavoured than before. Our Ginger Beer has a fiery depth of flavour because we’ve used three different types of finest ginger root. Our Elderflower Lemonade is more fragrant and with pressed lemon juice, more zesty and refreshing. We’re giving consumers what they want; natural ingredients, delicious and exciting flavours but with less sugar.”

The updated range of soft drinks will be available from April across the UK in supermarkets, shops and cafes. They will retail at £1.19 for a single 330ml can and £3.99 per four can multipack.

Other products made by Cawston Press include pressed juices and fruit waters. These products also have pressed apple juice as their base ingredient. None of the brand’s products contain artificial flavours or colours.