Casa Don Ramón has announced the launch of the Tequila Don Ramón Platinium Collection in the US market.

The collection consists of three expressions which include Platinium Plata, Platinium Cristalino Reposado and Platinium Cristalino Añejo, all three of which are claimed to have been produced with 100% Blue agave from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

The company said that the Platinium Plata has been double distilled to offer a smooth taste, offering notes of cooked agave and fruit and an aroma of fresh citrus and agave.

Aged in American and French oak casks, Platinium Cristalino Reposado comes with a scent of wood, spices, chocolate, cinnamon and soft vanilla. It offers notes of citrus, nuts and vanilla.

Platinium Cristalino Añejo has also been aged in the American oak barrels. The company said that it was produced using a proprietary finishing method to deliver a smooth, richer taste and robust profile.

The company claims that through its proprietary filtration process, the woodier notes from the barrel and colour of tequila are removed.

Casa Don Ramón Maestro Tequilero Jesus Reza said: “As the tequila industry gathers popularity among more female and younger consumers, preferences for the spirit have been shifting.

“This audience is drawn to clear spirits that are aesthetically pleasing, which are still bold in flavour like the traditional amber expressions.

“This cristalino collection from Casa Don Ramón brings forth subtle vanilla and fruit notes while subduing overly woody notes, which gives the balanced, crisp flavour that these newer-to-tequila audiences really enjoy and find more approachable.”

Casa Don Ramón further added that it is now one of the only two dozen or so brands available in the US offering cristalino tequila.