Carlsberg has made an undisclosed minority investment in Chinese micro-brewery Jing-A Brewing.

Established in Beijing by Alex Acker and Kristian Li, Jing-A has been offering a range of beers, which are acclaimed to have been produced using rare ingredients and by collaborating with breweries from around the world.

Under the deal, the Chinese brewery will continue to retain full ownership of the company, while receiving support for brewing, as well as lab facilities and an established distribution network.

Carlsberg will distribute the beer manufactured by Jing-A.

Jing-A expects the new partnership to allow the company to improve the quality of its beers, including seasonal and small-batch beverages from its brewpub and expand its footprint in Beijing and throughout China.

“Carlsberg will distribute the beer manufactured by Jing-A.”

Jing-A said the same people will carry out the work, driven by the similar passion and creativity, with more support for quality, innovation, and distribution.

The Chinese firm said apart from a deep relationship with China, Carlsberg also has a storied commitment to the art and science of brewing, innovating in their research lab since 1876.

Beijing-based Jing-A claims that it brews its beer with the best local and imported ingredients to make full-flavoured and creative drinks that are free of adjuncts and artificial preservatives.

The company currently has several core beers that it brews year-round, and various seasonal beers that each year it looks forward to brewing.