Canada’s Brick Brewing is planning to invest in its Kitchener brewery to further enhance its can line capacity.

The C$3.5m ($2.78m) investment will see an installation of new can fillers and a pasteuriser, which is expected to increase annual canning capacity by nearly 400,000 hectoliters (hl).

Brick Brewing chief operating officer Russell Tabata said: “The project installation will be completed in May and we expect to see the upgraded can line operating at full capacity by the end of June.

“We will build inventory in advance of the project to ensure that there are no disruptions in our supply chain and we continue to meet our internal and customer’s production needs while the project is being implemented.”

In addition, the company expects that the new investment will improve its competitiveness in the market.

“We expect to see the upgraded can line operating at full capacity by the end of June.”

Brick Brewing president and CEO George Croft said: “Each year we establish an operating plan that reflects the future needs of our business and our customers. This year’s capital plan ensures we continue to grow our canning capacity and capabilities for both our owner brands and our co-pack customers.

“Our ongoing investments, along with the outstanding efforts of our employees, resulted in significant can volume growth this past year.

“The strength and condition of our brands today give us the confidence that we will need additional canning capacity to meet the needs of our owner brands and co-pack customer brands.”