US-based craft cidery Blake’s Hard Cider (BHC) has announced the re-launch of its Kinder Cider, Saint Cheri.

The launch Saint Cheri was in support for the Detroit-based, national non-profit Empowerment Plan.

Part of BHC’s Kinder Series, Saint Cheri is a bourbon barrel-aged semi-sweet hard cider, which is said to have been produced using Michigan-grown Montmorency cherries.

With 6.9% alcohol by volume (ABV), Saint Cheri cider features a slight tartness upfront but a smooth finish.

Blake’s Hard Cider owner and founder Andrew Blake said: “Saint Cheri was one of our most popular ciders last year and we are excited to bring it back for the second year and continue supporting the vital work done through the Empowerment Plan.

“The Blake family and BHC have always been dedicated to giving back to our community and helping those who need it most.”

Saint Cheri will be available from early November until March next year.

It will be available on draft and sold in 12oz. six-pack cans across 19 states in the US as well as throughout Blake’s distribution footprint.

Empowerment Plan founder and CEO Veronika Scott said: “We are grateful for the continued partnership with Blake’s Hard Cider.

“Through their generous donations last year, we were able to provide job readiness training and distribute our unique coat/sleeping bag to many throughout the nation experiencing homelessness.”

In August this year, Blake’s Hard Cider expanded its fall lineup with the addition of Caramel Apple and Apple Lantern flavours.

Caramel Apple is a dessert-like semi-sweet hard cider that offers the sweetness of a smooth caramel combined with tart green apples.

Apple Lantern variant, produced using hand-picked apples with the oven-roasted pumpkin, offers a crisp and spiced hard cider, the company said.