US-based independent brewery Barrio Brewing is set to introduce an environmentally-friendly canned beer.

Packaged in aluminium cans, the beer products are aimed to enhance the brand’s retail presence in Arizona, US.

The company will use aluminium beverage cans, which will be supplied by Luxembourg-based glass and metal packaging products manufacturer Ardagh.

Founded in 1991 by Dennis and Tauna Arnold, Barrio Brewing is said to be one of the longest-running independent breweries in the state.

“Cans enable brands to tell a strong sustainability story as they are recycled at a high rate.”

Dennis said: “We believe market trends are tending to quality local beers supplanting multi-state regionals but it will still come down to taste and quality in determining what brands will endure and grow.

“We’re confident Barrio Brewing will be at the forefront of craft beer growth and, in fact, we’re extending our brand lineup.”

Barrio craft beer brands such as Barrio Blonde, Blanco and Rojo will now be canned, joining Citrazona and Mocha Java Stout, which are currently available in canned format in bars, restaurants and stores across the state.

Ardagh Metal North America CEO Claude Marbach said: “Cans enable brands to tell a strong sustainability story as they are recycled at a high rate and are made with a high recycled content.

“The beverage can’s sustainability advantages are just a few of the reasons cans are increasingly a preferred choice in helping build brands and bottom lines.”

Marbach’s partnership is expected to help Barrio Brewing expand its reach across Arizona and strengthen its environmental position.

Ardagh operates more than 100 facilities in 22 countries, and has global sales of around $8.6bn.