Bang Energy, an energy drink brand of Vital Pharmaceuticals (VPX), has announced the termination of exclusive distribution partnership with PepsiCo.

On 23 October 2020, Bang Energy intimated served PepsiCo a notice of termination, stating multiple issues and concerns regarding its performance.

In April this year, PepsiCo signed a distribution agreement with Vital Pharmaceuticals.

Under the agreement, PepsiCo agreed to distribute the portfolio of Bang Energy beverages in the US market.

With the termination of the agreement, PepsiCo will no longer be the exclusive distributor of BANG or any other beverage brands recently launched by the makers of Bang, including Noo Fuzion, Meltdown, Redline Cognitive Candy and Bang Shots.

Bang Energy CEO Jack Owoc said: “Bang Energy has had, and continues to have, a remarkable 11-year relationship with many of its prior distribution partners, including the independent Pepsi bottlers.

“Therefore, we sincerely expected PepsiCo to execute at an even higher level based on their enormous resources and promises. Unfortunately, we were wrong. PepsiCo, you’re fired.”

In its statement, PepsiCo said: “We were disappointed to receive VPX’s (Vital Pharmaceuticals Inc) notice of termination without cause, especially given the rapid success we’ve had in significantly expanding the presence and availability of Bang Energy drinks.

“PepsiCo remains the exclusive distributor of Bang Energy drinks across the US through October 2023. We will continue to fulfil our obligations under our agreement, which does not include any minimum purchase commitment.

“Serving our customers remains our top priority, while also defending and enforcing our exclusive rights granted in the agreement.”

Launched 2012, Bang Energy beverages are currently available at more than 200,000 outlets in the US.