Finnish wine and spirits company Altia has partnered with US-based Frederick Wildman and Sons to introduce aquavit O.P. Anderson into the US market by early next year.

Aquavit is a flavoured spirit made with herbs that came to Sweden in the 16th century.

Altia exports senior vice-president Janne Halttunen said: “We are excited to introduce O.P. Anderson to the US market. There is a growing interest in aquavits in the cocktail scene right now, which makes this modern classic very contemporary.”

Since 1934, Frederick Wildman and Sons has imported fine wines and spirits from various locations worldwide into the US.

"Distribution will be built starting in the east coast with focus in the on-premise market."

Frederick Wildman and Sons specialty spirits division director Tim Master said: “Distribution will be built starting in the east coast with focus in the on-premise market.

“The addition of O.P. Anderson Aquavit to Wildman spirits portfolio will certainly bring much enthusiasm to the marketplace.

“The trend throughout the US continues to move toward niche quality spirits, and bartenders and enthusiasts are embracing them wholeheartedly.”

Altia produces, markets, sells, imports, and exports wines and spirits in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

It offers products under its own brands that include Koskenkorva Vodka, O.P. Anderson Aquavit, Larsen Cognac, Renault Cognac, and Valhalla Herb Liqueur.