US-based The Alkaline Water Company has reported that its bottled drinking water Alkaline88 will now be available at select retailers in a 1.5l bottle and a 1l 6-pack.

The company currently packages and sells its alkaline water in 1-gallon, 3l, 1l 6-pack, 1.5l, 1l, 700ml and 500ml sizes to more than 34,000 retail locations in all 50 states.

The Alkaline Water Company president and CEO Richard Wright said: “Alkaline88’s 1-gallon and 3l bottles are the number one selling bulk alkaline water brand in the US. Our retailers encouraged us to develop additional multi-serving SKUs for their Alkaline88 customers.

“Market data shows that the public has a preference for a 1.5l bottle and 6-packs.”

“Market data shows that the public has a preference for a 1.5l bottle and 6-packs. We feel both these new Alkaline88 1.5l and 1l 6-pack stock-keeping units (SKU) address existing consumer demand and should significantly increase our sales in fiscal year (FY) ending 2019.

“We continue to listen to our customers and retailers  and will add additional products and packaging as the market demands. We are off to a great start in calendar 2018 and seeing the 1.5l and 1l 6-packs roll off our bottling lines only adds to the anticipation of a great fiscal 2019.”

The company’s proprietary electrolysis process helps it produce alkaline water.