The US Mid-Atlantic Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) has initiated measures to prevent minors from purchasing alcohol.

As part of the move, ABC’s enforcement division is using technology solutions provider Intellicheck’s Age ID to authenticate drivers’ licenses and other forms of identification to prevent counterfeit IDs.

Intellicheck Interim CEO Bill White said: “We’re excited that yet another ABC board has selected Age ID to prevent minors from using fake or altered IDs to purchase age-restricted products.

“Nationwide, 27 law enforcement and alcohol compliance agencies now use Intellicheck’s Age ID because they have seen the significant impact Age ID is having with its ability to deliver real-time identification authentication with 99.9% accuracy.”

“Nationwide, 27 law enforcement and alcohol compliance agencies now use Intellicheck’s Age ID.”

Intellicheck’s Age ID performs a real-time scan of the encoded data within drivers’ licenses and government-issued IDs for authenticity and verifies age information.

The technology can be deployed on mobile devices and tablets, and can also be integrated with point-of-sale devices.

The device is backed by a comprehensive proprietary database, which is updated with accurate and real-time information.

The Enforcement Division enforces state laws related to the sale, purchase, transportation, manufacture, consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages.

It also performs underage alcohol compliance checks, walkthroughs to spot underage alcohol consumption, compliance sweeps with other law enforcement agencies, investigations and undercover details.

Founded in 1994, Intellicheck provides real-time identification authentication and threat identification solutions.

The firm helps clients to increase revenues, enhance the safety and awareness of their facilities and people, improve customer service and increase operational efficiencies.