As consumer demands and lifestyle requirements evolve, brands have new opportunities to target shoppers with innovative new products. Based on recent analysis from GlobalData, we take a look at the announcement that drinks giant Diageo will be reviving two of its Scottish whisky distilleries that have been dormant for over three decades and investigate the motivations that drive consumers to experiment with different flavours in alcoholic beverages.

Also in this issue, we examine whether a carbonated milk concept from Arla Foods fails to address the real reason milk sales are struggling, and explore the challenges of targeting tea connoisseurs in a coffee-centric market.

In other news from GlobalData, we take a look at big beer’s growing interest in THC-infused products and track the evolution of private labels as retailers continue to move away from generic product development in a bid to stand as go-to brands in their own right.


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New Hope for Dormant Distilleries
Drinks giant Diageo has announced that it will be reviving two of its Scottish whisky distilleries. GlobalData explores the decision to breathe new life into distilleries that have been dormant for over three decades.
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Experimenting with Alcohol
What motivates consumers to branch out from their tipple of choice and try new flavours of alcoholic beverages? Looking at the latest consumer survey data from GlobalData, we investigate consumers’ willingness to experiment with different flavours in alcoholic beverages.
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Will Fizzy Milk Fall Flat?
Arla Foods’ development of carbonated milk is the wrong solution for the right problem, providing a confusing novelty which will fail to address the real reason milk sales are struggling in countries such as the US. Peter Ramshaw explores the future of the unusual concept
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Failure to Launch
In a market where coffee is more dominant as an out-of-home beverage choice, opening a tea bar was a risky move for Starbucks. Teavana failed to connect with consumers and in July 2017, Starbucks announced plans to close its tea stores across the US. Using research from GlobalData, Eloise McLennan examines why Teavana failed to make a fruitful return for the coffee powerhouse.
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THC-Infused Beverages
With the threat of lost sales from marijuana and marijuana-laced products becoming a prominent issue for manufacturers, big beer is taking a flyer on THC-infused beverages. GlobalData takes a look at the growing interest in cannabis-infused drinks.
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Private Label Evolution
As the stigma surrounding store brand products wanes, private label retailers have ramped up efforts to establish themselves as go-to brands. Using research from GlobalData, Eloise McLennan explores how private labels can revamp their image and attract a new generation of consumers.
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Drawing from recent analysis from GlobalData, we take a look at a new limited-edition craft beer said to contain botanical ingredients that alleviate the symptoms of menopause, investigate the impact tax and price increases have on the consumption of unhealthy drinks and find out whether healthy carbonated drinks could drive the next leg of declines for traditional carbonated soft drinks.

Also in this issue, we explore the future of bottled water as consumers continue to demand healthier beverages that do not compromise on functionality or flavour, examine why high-ABV products are powering innovation in flavoured alcoholic beverages and discover how beverage manufacturers can target quality-focused consumers with products that convey ethical luxury.

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