Modern consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that their beverage choices can have on prominent social and environmental issues, and as such, brands have an opportunity to differentiate themselves by appealing to the ethical values of shoppers.

In this issue of Inside Drinks Market Focus, we take a look at a new limited-edition craft beer, which is rich in botanical ingredients thought to alleviate menopausal symptoms caused by hormonal changes and investigate the impact that tax and price increases have on the consumption of unhealthy drinks.

In other news from GlobalData, we find out if a new burst of innovation in healthy carbonated drinks could drive the next leg of declines for traditional carbonated soft drinks and examine ways that bottled water brands can utilise innovation opportunities to target a new wave of consumers looking for healthier beverages that do not compromise on functionality of flavour.

Plus, we explore the appeal of new generation of high-ABV products, which offer consumers twice the alcohol content of ‘regular’ beer or flavoured alcoholic beverages and discover how spotlighting ethical credentials can help brands to establish a premium product position.

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In this issue

A crafty brew to tackle menopause symptoms
Menopause is a natural part of the ageing process that women do not necessarily look forward to. But in the US, a new craft beer may be about to make it easier for women to manage unpleasant physical symptoms. GlobalData takes a look at the innovative development.
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Impact of a tax or price increase on unhealthy drinks
Amidst growing health concerns, calls to raise the price of ‘unhealthy’ beverages have increased. Looking at the latest consumer survey data from GlobalData, we investigate the impact tax and price increases have on their consumption of unhealthy drinks.
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‘Healthy bubbles’ could drive the next leg of declines for traditional carbonated soft drinks
Carbonated soft drinks are taking flak from all sides these days, emboldening competitors like bottled water that are perceived to be more healthful. Tom Vierhile examines whether a new burst of innovation in healthy carbonated drinks could have an effect on the situation.
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Breaking the seal on bottled water
As consumers continue to turn away from traditional soft drinks in favour of low-sugar alternatives, could bottled water fill the gap with ‘healthier’ offerings? Drawing from a recent report by GlobalData, Eloise McLennan breaks the seal on innovation in the bottled water category.
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High-ABV products power innovation in flavoured alcoholic beverages
Tired of losing sales to higher alcohol beverages like spirits and wine, brewers of beer and flavoured alcoholic beverages seem to be saying: “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Tom Vierhile examines a new generation of high-ABV product that offers consumers twice the alcohol content or more of ‘regular’ products.
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Ethical luxury: combining premium credentials with responsible choices
Modern consumers seek more depth and meaning in their consumption choices. As such, ethicality can have an empowering effect on prestige brands. Using research from GlobalData, Eloise McLennan explores how brands can combine ethical credentials and high-quality products to stand out in the premium space.
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Next Issue: July 2018

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