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In this issue of Inside Drinks, we shine the spotlight on tea and find out how sustainability is on the agenda for many different beverage brands.

We also discover more about wine authenticity, find out how the war on plastic could threaten the industry and learn more about changing consumer attitudes to sugar and sweeteners.

Moreover, we explore how 3D printing could disrupt the energy drink market, find out how self-serve technology is being incorporated in bars and in our trends analysis piece we profile bargain hunting.

In this issue

Ingredients Focus: Tea
Arguably tea has become synonymous with Britain and one of the most iconic British tea brands could well be Twinings. Even though the company is well-established, a recent revamp of product design has meant that the shelf-identity of the tea stands out amongst the rest. Sonia Sharma finds out more.
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Sustainability: Compostable Bottles
Sustainability is on the agenda for many different brands. Vegan ice cream and probiotic smoothie brand Happy Coco has taken the next step in its ethical journey by launching compostable bottles made from PLA, which naturally composts and forms no toxic fumes when burned. Katie Woodward talks to co-founder Arjuna van der Kooij to find out more.
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Creating the Craft: A Mark of Authenticity
Creating a wine that is representative of the region from where it belongs is a craft. Callum Tyndall hears from a Greek winemaker that prides himself on the authenticity of his product, as well as learning more about a new service that ‘sniffs’ out the best wine for the consumer.
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Insight: Consumer Attitudes Towards Sugars and Sweeteners
People are becoming increasingly aware of the food and drinks they are consuming and what is contained within them. Looking at the latest consumer survey data from GlobalData, we investigate consumers’ level of attention to the type of sugar or sweeteners within beverages
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The War on Plastic: The Threat to The Beverage Industry
It was fun while it lasted. The beverage industry’s love affair with plastic has been a boon to the industry for decades, but solid waste and pollution issues are catching up with plastic. Tom Vierhile examines how beverage brands can respond to the growing backlash against plastic packaging.
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3D Printing: Disrupting the Energy Drink Market
Packaged energy drinks are convenient for a quick energy boost, but can be heavy to carry around. GlobalData takes a look at an innovative beverage product in the US that tackles this problem with an empty cup and 3D-printed ingredients.
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Bid Adieu to the Bartender: Self-serve Technology is Disrupting the Bar Business
Meet the bartender of the future: you. Self-serve beverage dispensing technology that has the potential to make the traditional bartender obsolete is beginning to gain a foothold in the market, and a trip to the bar may never be the same. GlobalData finds out more about the emerging technology.
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Tapì: customized closures for the premium packaging industry
Tapì is an international Group specializing in the design, production and distribution of high-end technological closures for the packaging industry. Tapì develops products for the spirits, wine, condiments, cosmetics and beer sectors. With over 400 employees worldwide, providing support for over 5,000 customers in over 60 countries, Tapì has consolidated its global presence with a series of sales offices, R&D facilities and distributors.
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TrendSights Analysis: Bargain Hunting
The desire to save time and money influences consumer shopping habits as the pressures of modern life push them towards more value-minded offerings. Drawing from research by GlobalData, Eloise McLennan takes a look at the evolving pursuit of lower prices and better value.
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The UK Soft Drinks Industry Levy
The UK Government has just implemented the Soft Drinks Industry Levy. What impact has this already had on the soft drinks industry since plans to introduce it were announced in 2016 and what are your predictions for its future effect?
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Next issue preview

In the next issue of Inside Packaging we look at product design within the luxury market, as well as learning about robotic lasers in vineyards.

We also find out about the reformulation of products after the sugar tax, examine the global impact on drinks volumes and investigate beverages that are aimed towards consumers fitness and exercise habits.

Finally, we explore the proposed revamp of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, analyse the ‘healthy beer’ sector and profile a new report which highlights how food and drink brands can address demand for reduced- or zero-sugar formulations using key on-trend and emerging ingredients.