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In this issue of Inside Drinks, we shine the spotlight on botanicals within beverages and analyse the upcoming trends for 2018.

We also discover how to entice consumers in the online market, learn more about the fermented functional beverage kombucha and profile non-alcoholic alternatives.

Moreover, we explore how excess coffee cup packaging is being put to good use, find out how smart and intelligent technology is becoming more commonplace and look at the canned craft beer sector.

In this issue

Ingredients Focus: Botanicals
Injecting a more tailored approach to entice customers is something that brands are capitalising on. The market is now offering consumers the choice to mix botanicals with alcohol in a new ‘DIY’ format. Callum Tyndall analyses the botanical market and profile how it has been used in a growing number of products.
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Trends for The Year Ahead
Will alternative waters continue to prevail in 2018? Will non-dairy milks gain more prevalence and will craft beer still see the surge of the years past? Callum Tyndall speaks to industry experts to discover the upcoming trends for the drinks industry in this year.
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E-commerce: Getting New Products in Front of Online Shoppers
Industry trends have shown that product development success has been fluctuating for several years, with some 76% of new FMCG launches failing to find an audience. John Maltman, CEO of E Fundamentals finds out more.
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Gut Health: Fermentation Gaining Favour
Fermented foods have been rising in prominence for the last few years, with kombucha tipped to become more mainstream next year. Eloise McLennan finds out more about the rise of the functional beverage, claimed to aid gut health.
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Find & Replace: The Rising Demand for Non-Alcoholic Alternatives
Taking a new spin on the usual two pints of lager and a packet of crisps, discerning drinkers are searching for non-alcoholic versions of their usual beverages, making for exciting times in the market. Stephanie Phillips finds out more about the rise in demand for realistic non-alcoholic drinks.
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A Closed Loop: The Upcycling Solution
Excess beverage packaging waste – such as coffee cups – has been a focal topic within the industry. However, a new recycling solution now aims to tackle this challenge. Sonia Sharma finds out more.
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A Smart Move: Active Beverage Packs
Intelligent beverage packaging is being developed at a rapid pace to fulfil a wide range of criteria. Sonia Sharma finds out more about the latest developments within this market and how the industry is pushing itself even further in order to connect to consumers.
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Canned Craft: The Rising Popularity of Craft Beer in a Can
Canned craft beer is becoming an increasingly popular choice, as British consumers opt for canned products over the traditional bottled beer. Katie Woodward finds out how consumer trends and attitudes towards packaging are influencing this growth.
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Next issue preview

In the next issue of Inside Drinks we shine the spotlight on the wine industry and in our ingredients focus we hone in on tea.

We also look at automation within processing, explore how technology is being used on bottles and find out how a new campaign is supporting mental health within the drinks market.

Finally we analyse the soft drinks revolution, profile almond milk and discover how plain packaging could threaten beverage branding.