In this issue: We look at refashioning cans, the iconic status of gin and much more.

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In this issue of Inside Drinks, we shine the spotlight on alternative milks in our Ingredients Focus, as well as finding out why Chinese millennial fruit juice drinkers are attracted to beverages from the US.

We also discover more about sweetener innovations, refashioning can design and the iconic status of gin.

Moreover, we profile how to influence e-commerce sales, analyse detection tools, and find out about stable colouring for sparkling and flavoured waters.

In this issue

Ingredients Focus: Milk
The global market for dairy alternative drinks is expected to reach $16.3bn by 2018, up dramatically from $7.4bn in 2010. Katie Woodward finds out what’s behind this surge, as well as new offerings on the market.
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Mass Appeal
Fruit juices made from ingredients grown in the US are highly appealing to Chinese consumers, as they are knowledgeable about provenance and nutrition. Katie Woodward finds out how the US is capitalising on this knowledge for the Chinese market.
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The Sugar Rush
Coca-Cola is crowdsourcing a new natural, low-calorie sweetener for its beverages, and is willing to pay big bucks. Ceri Jones explores the changing consumer trends behind this campaign and the growth of natural sweeteners.
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Refashioning Cans
With consumers shifting towards healthier beverages and governments introducing sugar taxes, brands are innovating their packaging to achieve standout on the shelf. Callum Tyndall finds out how can designs are being catered for individual markets, demographics and tastes.
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Iconic Gin
More than 50 new distilleries opened in the UK last year, and last December London gin maker Sipsmith was bought by Japanese giant Beam Suntory. Eloise McLennan explores how gin has maintained its status.
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Online Alcohol
Boosting sales for buying alcohol online can be a challenge. Andrew Watts, founding partner at KHWS, finds out what brands can do to entice consumers in the e-commerce environment.
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Technology: Detection Tools
Water contamination is a critical issue for food and beverage manufacturers. Sonia Sharma finds out more about detection tools and the solutions that are on offer.
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Stable Colours
Growing consumer awareness surrounding artificial colouring has meant that customers now demand colours that are achieved safely and naturally. Sonia Sharma finds out more about a new market solution.
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