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As health concerns continue to influence consumer beverage choices, the growing popularity of free-from diets and the vilification of ingredients such as sugar, is putting pressure on brands to develop ‘healthier’ beverages. Based on recent analysis from GlobalData, we explore the desire to experiment with novel flavours and identify the most appealing soft drinks flavours.

Also in this issue, we examine how Yakult Honsha worked to expand its appeal to younger drinkers with a product that broke the mould of previous offerings, and find out how a wave of product innovation is helping cascara, a drink made from the pulp of the coffee cherry, to gain attention in packaged drinks.

In other news from GlobalData, we take a look at a new beer launch that targets the ‘pre-gaming’ phenomenon with a format that is specifically designed for consumption in the shower and explore how the moderation and avoidance trend is impacting consumer purchasing decisions.

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In this issue

Curious Consumers
The older we get, the less likely we are to want to experiment with novel flavours and fragrances. GlobalData explores the market for more innovative concepts.
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Taste Sensations
Innovative flavour combinations are pushing the creative boundaries of the global drinks market, as brands look to target experimental consumers. Looking at the latest consumer survey data from GlobalData, we explore the appeal of soft drinks flavours in different regions.
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Dairy Delights
Launched in Japan in November 2015, Everyday Yakult aimed to appeal to business people in their 30s to their 50s. Using research from GlobalData, Eloise McLennan explores how the product’s unconventional attributes helped a well-established brand attract a new wave of consumers.
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Cherry Bomb
Ask the average consumer what ‘cascara’ is and you may not get much of a response. However, this may be about to change thanks to a wave of innovations. Tom Vierhile explores how cascara is gearing up to rile the tea market.
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Getting Ready
Getting ready for a night on the town often means showering before going out. For some, it also means “pre-gaming”, which is the consumption of alcohol before a social event or outing. GlobalData examines a specially designed packaged beer that combines both needs in a single bottle.
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Cutting Down
Consumers exhibit, or aim to exhibit, restraint as a means of supporting or improving their wellbeing. Using research from GlobalData, Eloise McLennan explores why drinkers are giving up and/or moderating many substances for the good of their long-term health.
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Next issue: October 2017

Based on recent analysis from GlobalData, we examine how Coca-Cola is employing crowd-sourcing projects in the search for sugar alternatives, investigate the most appealing flavour in gin and take a look at a crash-free energy drink that uses extended-release caffeine technology.

Plus, we explore the leading consumer and innovation trends in hot drinks, find out how brands are tapping into the popularity of craft gin and examine how time-scarce consumers are driving demand for more mobile, convenient and easy-to-consume products that suit their busy, on-the-go lifestyles.

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