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From a glass of wine with dinner to an after-work beer with friends, alcoholic beverages have long been a go to choice for consumers looking to escape and unwind from a long day. Based on recent analysis from Canadean, we find out how digital technology and mobile apps are driving alcohol sales, explore how the US beer market is evolving, and take a look at a new way of making bar-style cocktails at home.

Also in this issue, we examine why 1% alcohol products failed to capture the attention of Japanese consumers, find out how labelling innovation in the drinks sector is being used to engage shoppers, and take a look at the category-bending success of Suntory Minami Alps Tennensui and Yogurina in Japan’s water market.

In other news from Canadean, we explore the beverage industry’s next potential superstar: cold brew coffee, and find out if there’s hope for innovation beyond Keurig Kold.

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In this issue

Digital Combinations
Mobile apps could boost alcohol sales among young adults through food pairing suggestions according to recent reports. Canadean explores how digital technology could encourage a wider range of paring choices.
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Beer in the USA
The US beer market is evolving as consumers seek out more indulgent products, new sensory experiences and products that mark the start of moments of relaxation and escapism. Eloise McLennan sums up the trends identified in an upcoming Canadean report by Ronan Stafford.
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Shake it Up
Making bar-type cocktails at home can be tricky if you are not a trained bartender. Canadean explores a foolproof new way to make high-quality cocktails at home.
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Blurred Lines
Japan’s flavoured alcoholic beverage market has seen high growth and the competition for new product development has been fierce. However, the resulting innovations did not always receive a great response from consumers. Eloise McLennan reviews the failure of 1% alcohol drinks identified in Canadean’s latest case study by Mitsue Konishi.
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Alcohol Labelling
The alcoholic drinks category is increasingly concerned with engaging consumers from their position on the shelf. Raquel Perez explores how brands are focusing not just on advertising but also on the labels that sell their products in the store.
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Flavour sensations
Flavour is one of the most highly prioritised elements for Japanese consumers in food and drink shopping, and one leading mineral water brand is taking flavoured water to a whole new level. Eloise McLennan sums the latest Canadean report by Mitsue Konishi.
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Hot Prospects for Cold-Brew
The average coffee-drinker may not know the difference between iced coffee and cold-brew coffee, but odds are that they will soon as cold-brew coffee takes shape as the beverage industry’s next potential superstar. Tom Vierhile explores the latest caffeine trend.
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Innovation Beyond Failure
The Keurig Kold was slated to be a revolutionary cold-drink maker that would rival Sodastream, but less than a year after it launched the brand announced that it was discontinuing the machine. Tom Vierhile explores what went wrong.
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Next issue: November 2016

Based on recent analysis from Canadean, we examine innovation and opportunities in hot drinks, cold drinks and alcohol. Also in this issue, we take a look at the delicate subject of gender-specific product development, explore how brands can use the out-of-home consumption trend to boost sales, and find out how rare sugar may become a new weapon in the war against obesity.

In other news from Canadean, we examine the impact water quality has on the flavour of coffee, take a look at a new juice from Australia  which claims to contain twice the pulp of regular orange juice, and explore how top yoghurt brands are opening the innovation spigot in yoghurt drinks.

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