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With the craft trend now an established feature of the drinks industry, brands of all sizes are looking for ways to tap into a lucrative movement by putting a twist on traditional offerings. Based on recent analysis from GlobalData, we examine new opportunities for soft drinks companies to diversify their portfolios with ‘healthy’ beverages and find out how consumers perceive craft, small batch and artisan claims in drinks products. 

Also in this issue, we explore opportunities in craft spirits as consumers seek out unusual and innovative drinking experiences and find out how Guinness combined heritage with new product development to tap into the core values of craft beer, despite being owned by multinational conglomerate Diageo.

In other news from GlobalData, we take a look at a nutritional drink in the US designed for people with digestive sensitivities and explore how the wellbeing trend is influencing consumer drinking habits.

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In this issue

Better for You
With two-thirds of consumers interested in natural products, GlobalData explores opportunities for healthy soft drinks.
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Arts and Crafts
Looking at the latest consumer survey data from GlobalData, we explore consumer awareness and perceptions of craft, small batch and artisan claims in drinks products.
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The Spirit of Craft
Having found a firm foothold in brewing, the artisan trend is hitting distilleries. Drawing on GlobalData research, Eloise McLennan explores innovation opportunities in craft spirits.
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Big Name Brewing
Guinness has launched a variety of beers including lagers, porters and ales with a more premium and ‘craft’ image than its primary stout brand. Eloise McLennan draws on GlobalData research to examine how the brand taps into the core themes of craft brewing, despite being owned a multinational conglomerate.
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Digestive Drinking
Living with digestive sensitivities can make meal or snack times a challenge. GlobalData examines a new drink that makes life easier for those with digestive sensitivities.
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Drink to Your Health
Wellbeing is essential to maintaining a good quality of life. As the demand for preventative or curative ways to help consumers stay healthy increases, Eloise McLennan draws on GlobalData research to find out how the trend is driving innovation in the drinks market.
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Next issue: June 2017

Based on recent analysis from GlobalData, we examine how sugar taxes are inspiring beverage companies to innovate with alternative sweeteners, explore trends and opportunities in convenient drinks and find out how the industry is addressing consumer trends in non-alcoholic beverages.

Also in this issue, we take a look at the success of bottled water brand Glacéau Smartwater, examine a box of tea that is ideal for sharing, and identify key trends in the UK wine market.

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