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As populations grow, age, migrate, and follow less traditional paths through life, consumer attitudes towards beverages are changing. Based on recent analysis from GlobalData, we take a look at the turbulent growth of Private Label soft drinks in Europe and examine how the vote to legalise marijuana for recreational use in California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada could create competition for the alcoholic beverage industry sooner than expected.

Also in this issue, we survey the behaviours and preferences of consumers in Asia to find out more about next-generation emerging markets, explore the appeal of a new drinkable yoghurt from Russia which is said to help promote better sleep and draw on detailed research of global beer consumption to discover the leading trends in the global beer market.  

In other news from GlobalData, we find out how Mio Sparkling Saké is shaking up the image of an old-fashioned category and examine the challenges and opportunities facing brands as a result of demographic changes.

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In this issue

Private Performance
After a prolonged period of financial uncertainty, Private Label soft drinks have experienced mixed growth in Eastern and Western Europe. Global Data explores the slow progress rates in the sector.
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Cannabis vs. Alcohol
The 2016 US election provided some surprises, but the country’s growing embrace of cannabis was probably not one of them. Tom Vierhile explores how the vote to legalise the recreational use of marijuana in California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada may impact the alcohol beverage industry.
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The Next Generation
At the end of 2016, GlobalData surveyed more than 1,500 respondents in Asia to assess consumer behaviours and preferences across the FMCG space in the 15 next-generation emerging markets. Drawing on information from consumers in Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines we take a look at influential factors driving beverage choices and drinking habits.
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Dairy Dreaming
Getting a good night’s sleep is an essential part of any child’s wellbeing but some young consumers require a little assistance to drift off. GlobalData takes a look at a new drinkable yoghurt that promotes sleep.
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Global Beer Trends
Understanding the future of the global beer market is a complicated task for brands worldwide. Eloise McLennan draws on GlobalData’s comprehensive analysis of global beer consumption to find the top trends in the market.
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Bubbling Up
Traditional Saké is getting an update in a bid to regain market value. Eloise McLennan draws on a recent GlobalData report by Mitsue Konishi to find out how Mio Sparkling Saké aims to revamp an old-fashioned beverage category.
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Diverse Drinking
Consumerism is transcending old demographic structures and preconceptions as societal changes blur the lines between traditional groups. Eloise McLennan draws on a recent GlobalData report by analyst Richard Parker find out how this applies to the beverage sector.
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Next issue: April 2017

Based on recent analysis from GlobalData, we take a look at the rise of premium cider across European markets and examine consumer behaviours and preferences in emerging markets in Central and South America.

Also in this issue, we find out about a new crab-flavoured vodka which is said to pair well with seafood and explore how Yo-Ho Brewing Company is challenging Japan’s beer market. In other news from GlobalData, we take a look at the low-calorie appeal of Honest Tea and explore challenges and opportunities created by blurred gender lines.

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