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With many consumers making a conscious effort to purchase products that align with new, healthier lifestyles, the beverage industry is under increasing pressure to keep up with the transition towards good-for-me drinking. Based on recent analysis from GlobalData, we examine the rise of ashwagandha, which is claimed to be the next big ingredient trend in beverages, and take a look at consumer purchasing habits in next-generation markets.

Also in this issue, we find out how soft drinks brands are adapting to attract a growing number of health-conscious consumers and examine how clever social media use helped to grow a reputable iced coffee brand from a bedsit in Dorset.

In other news from GlobalData, we explore the appeal of a revolutionary new sugar-free premium spirit “best mixed with water” that makes lower-calorie mixed drinks and explore how personalisation can help create more involved buying behaviour.

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In this issue

The Rise of Ashwagandha
It is ironic that one of the newest beverage ingredient trends is linked to one of the oldest ingredients in traditional south Asian medicine. Tom Vierhile takes a look at ashwagandha, a functional beverage ingredient set to be the next big ingredient trend in beverages. < br /> Read the article.

Emerging Economies
With the rise of Next Generation Emerging Markets, new spending patterns may emerge which differ from spending in the previous economic state. Looking at the latest consumer survey data from GlobalData, we explore purchasing trends in Africa, Asia and Central and South America.
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New Wave
Facing increased demand for more healthy beverages and continued fallout from the war on sugar, soft drinks manufacturers are racing to adapt to influential health trends. Eloise McLennan rounds up the leading trends fuelling innovation in soft drinks, as identified by GlobalData.
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Social Savvy
Armed with an idea and a limited budget, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee has gone from strength to strength in the UK. Eloise McLennan draws on research from GlobalData to find out how the brand used social media to drive growth.
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Mixed Up Drinking
Mixed drinks are a popular alcoholic beverage choice, but many are calorie bombs thanks to the presence of copious amounts of sugar. GlobalData takes a look at a revolutionary new sugar-free premium spirit that nearly halves the calorie count of a mixed drink.
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Personal Products
Personalisation facilitates differentiation and uniqueness by creating a product that is perceived as being more closely aligned with individual consumer needs. Drawing from GlobalData research, Eloise McLennan explores how increasing product relevance can create more involved buying behaviour.
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Next issue: September 2017

Based on recent analysis from GlobalData, we find out which demographic is most likely to experiment with novel offers, examine consumer attitudes towards different flavours in soft drinks and explore how keeping an open mind helped to fuel success for Yakult’s probiotic dairy drink.

Plus, we take a look at the growing popularity of cascara – a drink made from the pulp of the coffee cherry, examine a packaged beer specially designed for consumption in the shower, and find out how the moderation and avoidance trend is influencing consumer beverage preferences.

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