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Based on recent analysis from GlobalData, we take a look at the annual growth rate of premium cider brands in Western Europe, which have exceeded competing price segment categories and find out what features and factors motivate consumer choices and beverage preferences in Central and South America.

Also in this issue, we examine Shezhnyi Krab, a new crab-flavoured vodka from Russia that is shaking up traditional consumption patterns with ingredients that are said to pair well with seafood dishes and find out how craft beer innovator, YO-HO Brewing Company, is challenging Japan’s conservative beer market.

In other news from GlobalData, we explore how a controversial partnership with beverage giant Coca-Cola has helped Honest Tea to expand the reach of its all-natural, organic and fair trade product and look at the challenges and opportunities facing beverage manufacturers as a result of the changing landscapes of gender conventions.

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In this issue

An Apple a Day
Premium cider brands in Western Europe recorded a compound annual growth rate of almost 8% between 2009 and 2015. GlobalData explores how the sector exceeded competing price segment categories.
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Attracting Americas
At the end of 2016 GlobalData surveyed approximately 3,000 respondents in Central and South America to assess consumer behaviours and preferences across the FMCG space in the 15 next-generation emerging markets. Using information gather from consumers in Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ecuador and Costa Rica, we take a look at influential factors driving beverage choices and drinking habits.
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Seafood Solutions
Vodka is traditionally enjoyed in shot form or as an ingredient in mixed drinks; it is generally not paired with food. GlobalData takes a look at new crab-flavoured vodka said to go well with seafood dishes.
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Exciting Engagement
YO-HO Brewing Company is now Japan’s top craft beer manufacturer, using innovative marketing and individualistic craft beers to appeal to consumers. Eloise McLennan draws on research by GlobalData analyst Mitsue Konishi to find out how the craft beer innovator is challenging Japan’s conservative beer market.
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Bottled Brilliance
Honest Tea has enjoyed enormous success in recent years, thanks in part to support from Coca-Cola. Drawing on research by GlobalData innovation analysts, Eloise McLennan examines how large corporations can help push brands into the mainstream.
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Blurred Lines
As a result of the changing landscapes in gender conventions, many brands are adopting a gender-neutral approach. Eloise McLennan explores the ways that changing social norms are influencing new launches, as identified by GlobalData innovation analysts.
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Based on recent analysis from GlobalData, we take a look at new opportunities for companies to diversify their portfolios with healthy soft drinks, explore consumer perceptions of craft, small batch and artisan claims in drinks products and examine areas for innovation in craft spirits.

Also in this issue, we find out how Guinness Brewer’s Project used historical cues to take on the craft brewers, take a look at a new beverage for people with digestive sensitivities and explore how the wellbeing trend is influencing consumers.

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