Inside Drinks Magazine: Market Focus Special Issue - July 2016

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Inside Drinks has launched a new series of special issues, bringing you the latest insights from the global beverage industry from research specialist Canadean. In this issue we take a closer look at the mega-trend of sustainability and ethics and ask how it is influencing consumer choices, and what this means for beverage manufacturers.

Research from Canadean reveals that white milk sales continue to decline as milk alternatives find a stronger foothold in the market. We review recent innovations in the dairy alternatives market as product development moves from soy, nut and grain derived drinks to vegetables and other sources.

When it comes to creating an ethical brand image, Harmless Harvest has done well with its coconut water. We find out how meticulous sourcing and fair trade values have helped the company carve out a premium position in the market.

We also round up other recent insights from Canadean, including changes underway in the African water market, how the UK’s sugar tax is affecting the soft drinks industry and how manufacturers can add value to alcoholic beverages through packaging.

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In this issue

Emerging Markets: Asia
Asia’s beverage market is set to experience unprecedented growth, claiming two thirds of global incremental consumption by 2021. Canadean’s latest long-term beverage predictions highlight the increasing volume migration from developed to emerging markets.
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Consumer Mega-Trends in the Drinks Market
Understanding consumer attitudes and behaviours can play a vital role in the success of a brand or product. Canadean has identified ethics and sustainability as one of the mega-trends influencing the drinks market, as Eloise McLennan reports.
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Success case study: Harmless Harvest Coconut Water
As the coconut water trend grows in popularity, we find out how one company is using meticulous sourcing and ethical values to justify premium prices.
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Free Flowing
Milk alternatives are set to flourish globally, while white milk faces declines in developed markets to 2021.
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Milk Alternatives Gain Ground
As white milk sales continue to decline, substitutes are finding a strong foothold in this once sold market.
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The Cost of Clean Water
The growth of unbranded water and the franchising of branded water in sachets in Africa meant that sachets grew ahead of PET bottles in 2015, despite it losing share in the long run.
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The Power of Packaging
Identifying how packaging formats and features can be used to keep up with evolving consumer trends is an important factor in the drinks industry. A new report from Canadean examines how packaging can add value to alcoholic beverages.
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Not so sweet
The UK sugar tax may only reinforce mounting consumer desire for low-calorie soft drinks. Canadean analyst Fiona Baillie tells us more.
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Next issue: August 2016

Consumers across the globe are becoming more image conscious and feeling under pressure to look good. Based on recent analysis from Canadean, we find out how the health and wellbeing trend is influencing consumer decisions and what it means for the beverage industry.

We take a look at Kirin Mets Plus+ Sparkling Water, which promises to promote weight loss, examine the rise of juice as the fastest-growing segment within the soft drinks category, and explore how recent product innovation in premium water could lead the next wave of growth.

Plus, we look at the power of consumer-centric product development and find out how the adult soft drinks market is gaining ground.

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