Inside Drinks May 2017

In this issue of Inside Drinks we profile watermelon in our ‘Ingredients Focus’ to learn more about how this fruit is crossing over into the water market. We also find out more about functional beverages, as drinks enhanced with vitamins are becoming more popular and brands are capitalising on this due to the growing awareness amongst consumers surrounding their food and drink choices.

We also analyse a beer that has been specifically crafted for passengers on airplanes, discover more about alternative sweeteners and, in our video feature, we visit Borough Wines & Beers to take a tour of their nano-brewery.

Moreover, we discover how 100% juice could be making a comeback, look at the iced tea and coffee market and ask whether plain packaging could soon be seen on alcoholic beverages.

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In this issue

Water Wars
With coconut water now a staple feature on supermarket shelves, a new type of alternative water drink is looking to cash in on the success of the trend. Eloise McLennan explores how watermelon is gaining fans in the soft drinks market.
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Drinks with Benefits
The wellbeing trend is gaining strength; however, while the market for healthy soft drinks is set to grow, it is also changing. Ceri Jones throws a spotlight on the emergence of functional hybrids.
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Cabin Pressure
High altitude and cabin pressure can affect taste buds, so how can the industry ensure that the food and drink customers receive on board is just as good as when their feet are on the ground? Andy Singh finds out more about a new beer that apparently tastes better at higher altitudes.
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Alternative Sweeteners
As sugar’s impact on health becomes ever more apparent, drinks manufacturers are positioning themselves ahead of the curve in exploiting the demand for beverages with lower sugar content. Andy Singh finds out more.
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Juice Makes a Comeback
The market for 100% juice should return to growth despite global economic slowdown and the recent debate around sugar, according to Tetra Pak’s 100% Juice Index report. Callum Tyndall finds out more about the report and whether it truly reflects consumer choices.
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The Brewery Below
Borough Wines & Beers sits above a hidden distillery where members of the public can join group brewing experiences, and the end-products are sold in the shop. Inside Drinks takes a tour of this nano-brewery to learn the methodology and machinery of making craft beers.
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An Icy Market
Global iced tea consumption exceeded 35 billion litres in 2015, while the iced coffee market is also expanding with new offerings such as whey protein. Katie Woodward finds out more about the iced tea and coffee industry.
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Plain Packaged Alcohol
With more than nine million people in the UK drinking over the recommended daily limit, it’s clear we need an intervention. Sarah Power finds out whether tobacco-style plain packaging and health warnings on alcohol could improve our relationship with drinking.
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Next issue preview

In the next issue of Inside Drinks, we look at the ready-to-drink market across the board and in our Ingredients Focus we shine the spotlight on vitamins in beverages.

We also discover more about savoury drinks, automation within the industry, and round up the best ideas from The London Wine Fair 2017.

Moreover, we profile kefir and the transition it has made into drinks, analyse the ancient grains market, and find out how prosecco could be about to burst the champagne bubble.

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