In this issue of Inside Drinks magazine we look at the advancements in the water market. First we had coconut water, then aloe vera juice, but now an even more innovative take on H2O has emerged in the form of cactus water. We find out more about this product.

We also find out about the rise of using the spice turmeric in beverages, profile HPP technology and take a look at the Swedish alcohol market.

Moreover, we learn about the global fruit and juice industry, look at what inspiration the soft drinks category could take from the gin renaissance, discover more about wine maturation and analyse milk trends around the world.

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In this issue

The Desert Drink
Cacti in the Sonoran Desert are the unlikely source of the latest on-trend drink to hit the shelves, with Waitrose being the first UK supermarket to launch cactus water. Katie Woodward finds out more about the drink and its place in the market.
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Ingredients Focus: Turmeric
Turmeric has emerged as the go-to spice for beverages lately, with the yellow powerhouse being used in tea, coffee and milk the world over. Sonia Sharma finds out more about the spice and how it has become one of the market trends of 2016.
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HPP Technology
High pressure processing has breathed fresh life into the juice market. The non-thermal food processing technology allows juices made with vegetables and fruit to obtain a longer shelf life. Sonia Sharma finds out more.
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The Swedish System
Swedes are known to be liberal, so how can they accept that only one retail store in the country is allowed to sell alcohol? Callum Tyndall looks at how the state monopoly on alcohol works and how the Swedes feel about it.
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Going Green
As the focus on healthier diets and cleaner living continues, the global market for juice is expanding. Eloise McLennan explores how fruit and juice consumption has changed over the past few years.
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Learning from Gin
What inspiration could the soft drinks category take from the gin renaissance? Gin, with its focus on provenance, compelling back stories and grown-up botanical flavours is enjoying a huge surge in popularity. If soft drinks were to follow suit, could it experience a similar success story? Kim Van Elkan, managing director at Hornall Anderson finds out more.
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Wine Maturation
How is the wine industry utilising new technology to its advantage? Andy Singh finds out more about the unique device that allows for real-time control of wine quality.
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Calcium Conundrums
The global market for drinking milk continued to grow in 2015, rising by 2.4% to 251bn litres. White milk remains the most consumed, but with soy, coconut and almond milk growing in popularity, what do milk trends around the world look like? Katie Woodward finds out.
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Event Round Up: BevPack 2016
Innovation reigned at the 5th annual Canadean Beverage Packaging Conference last month and Inside Drinks was there to find out what the future holds for beverage packaging.
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Next issue preview

In the next issue of Inside Drinks we outline the top trends for 2017 and in our ingredients focus we profile the tea landscape.

We also find out more about micro-brewery equipment, analyse the alcohol-free beer market and discover more about the research that reveals that water may outsell fizzy drinks in the US for the first time.

Moreover, we learn more about the future of the juice and soft drinks industry and how there will be more action regarding innovation and reformulation, as well as examining toddler nutrition and the natural ingredient sector.

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