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Issue 12

The highly lucrative cider market is evolving, with plans for the world’s first frozen cider on the horizon. We find out more about the drivers of this market, as well as profiling the craft distilling industry as it goes from strength to strength.

In this issue we also learn how the antioxidant properties of orange juice may have been undervalued, speak to the team behind Aurelio beer, analyse the ready to drink market in its most successful location – Japan and explore the notion of robots being used in vineyards.

Moreover, we speak to supply chain consultancy Crimson & Co about collaboration within the industry, discover more about the savoury cocktail sector, in addition to hearing more about how the soft drinks industry is adapting to changing consumer needs.

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In this issue

Cider Revolution
The cider market is continuing to evolve, with new delivery systems and flavour combinations. Sonia Sharma profiles these growth drivers.
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A Crafty Business
The craft distilling industry is on the rise with no plans to look back or slow down. Stephanie Phillips discovers what is fuelling this trend.
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The Value of Orange Juice
Though fruit juices have come under fire recently, a new study by the University of Granada has found that the antioxidant value of citrus juices has been highly undervalued. Charlotte Richardson Andrews finds out more.
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Beer on a Mission
Craft beer has soared in popularity in recent years, but now a beer with a specific mission in mind has arrived. Sonia Sharma finds out more.
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Big in Japan
The ready to drink (RTD) market has continued to rise and the range has seen a steady increase in Japan. Charlotte Richardson Andrews takes at why the RTD market is bigger in Japan.
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The Robot and the Vine
Robots are not usually associated with leafy vineyards, but thanks to a European research consortium, robotic technology for wine producers may be closer than we think. Stephanie Phillips finds out more about the proposed vine robot.
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Making the Mind Shift
Supplier collaboration must be improved if the industry is to meet consumer demand for greater variety of products, says Crimson & Co. Margot Knight asks the supply chain consultancy why they believe this is so and what actions can be taken.
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The Perfect Ratio
You don’t normally hear soup and vodka mentioned in the same sentence – until you ask London bar Peg + Patriot about their most popular savoury cocktail. Margot Knight looks into this and other creative concoctions forming part of a growing trend.
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Keeping the Balance
The soft drinks industry has taken significant steps to support consumers who want to make balanced lifestyle choices. UNESDA profiles how the industry evolves with changing societal trends and consumer demand.
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Next issue preview

Companies in the US will be replacing aspartame in diet soda beverages with sucralose. We find out more about this change and ask why it has become necessary.

In the next issue of Inside Drinks, we speak to the team at EMORY Vodka, discuss how small wine and spirits producers enter a crowded market, talk to design agency Sedley Place about catering to the super premium market and take a look at the growing wine industry in the UK.

Moreover, we discover why companies are making gender specific beverages, find out more about RTD drinks made from tree sap and, finally, we profile a new system called Versaperm, which measures the permeability of bottles, cans and cartons to stop carbon dioxide loss in carbonated beverages.

The next issue will be out in August 2015.

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