Issue 11

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The soft drinks volume around the world rose by 4% in 2013. We find out what part Africa played in this success by looking at the African soft drinks market, as well as talking to the creator of a new beer inspired by the dunes of the desert.

In this issue we also learn about the history of gin from the City of London Distillery in our video feature, in addition to investigating the scientific research behind the new wave of functional drinks with specific health purposes and profile microwave volumetric heating technology.

Moreover, we speak to experts about premium branding, discuss the challenges and solutions about flavor building and discover how animal extracts are being used in beverages.

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In this issue

The African Market
Global soft drinks volumes rose by 4% in 2013, but what role did Africa play in this success. Margot Knight profiles the African soft drinks market.
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Deep in the Desert
As innovation continues to grow within the beer market, the latest offering was inspired by the dunes of the desert. Sonia Sharma finds out more about this pioneering product.
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The Ultimate Gin Cocktail
The City of London Distillery’s Nick Caputo takes Inside Drinks through the history of gin and shows us how to make the perfect martini.
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Drinks to Function
A wave of functional drinks have appeared on the market with very specific health concerns in mind. Charlotte Richardson Andrews investigates the scientific research behind these products.
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A New Wave
As consumers seek new ways to conveniently increase their fruit and vegetable consumption, Sonia Sharma discovers how the latest technology could benefit both end-users and manufacturers.
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Premium Branding
At the Canadean Beer Strategies Conference Inside Drinks spoke to Guillem Castella, head of exports & international brands at Grupo Damm, and Juan Garcia, brand manager at Hijos de Rivera/Estrella, about premium branding.
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Building a Flavour
How do companies add interesting flavours and taste to products when more government regulations are calling for a reduction in sugar and salt levels? Stephanie Phillips spoke to Firmenich’s Srini Subramanian about flavour solutions.
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Perfect Protein
New research has found that animal extracts can be added to beverages to provide the body with additional health benefits. Stephanie Phillips speaks to the manufacturers to find out more about these advantages.
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Next issue preview

The UK consumes more cider than anywhere else in Europe, we find out what is behind the European cider revolution that saw 995 million litres consumed in 2013.

In the next issue of Inside Drinks, we take a look at the rise of craft distilleries; speak to researchers at the University of Granada to find out more about the antioxidant value of citrus juices, profile Aurelio beer, and look at the ready to drink market with a special focus on Japan.

Moreover, we discuss robotic technology for winemakers, discover more about the drinks supply chain and, finally, we take an in depth look at how the reduction of sugar in beverages is spilling over into the cocktail market.

The next issue will be out in May 2015.

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