Yerba mate has the potential to become the next big health drink in Europe over the next five years.

With increasingly health-conscious consumers looking for alternatives to traditional coffee and tea, yerba mate tea offers a range of health benefits that will allow it to stand out in an increasingly saturated market.

Yerba mate has the right balance of taste and health benefits

Aiding this is an influx of key social influencers throwing their weight behind the popular South American beverage, with footballers such as Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann helping to create a buzz around the product.

Based on a traditional recipe from the southern cone of South America, yerba mate is a herbal green tea infusion. The drink is extremely popular in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, and is ingrained as part of the culture of these countries in the same way that tea is in the UK market.

Record sales of yerba mate were recorded in Argentina in 2018, in both the domestic market and also in export sales, as international markets become increasingly interested in exotic and foreign traditional recipes with additional health benefits.

Yerba mate could make a big impact on the European health drink sector

One of the key selling points for yerba mate is its perceived health benefits. Studies from the University Cardiology Foundation in Brazil have shown there are links between regular yerba mate consumption and increased energy levels, increased antioxidants and lower cholesterol levels.

European markets are currently experiencing a growing health trend amongst consumers, with many beverage manufacturers launching low sugar or healthier alternatives to meet these changing consumer demands.

While the tea and coffee market is very crowded across Europe, yerba mate offers the health benefits and hipster image which may help it stand out from the crowd and become a hit with health-conscious millennials over the next five years.

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