According to GlobalData’s Covid-19 Week 6 survey, milk sales have increased due to 28% of consumers in lockdown globally claim that they are buying more/significantly more/stockpiling white milk; this change in purchasing behaviour has remained relatively stable across the lockdown period with Week 1 results standing at 31%. As a result, white milk manufacturers face both growth opportunities and challenges across the world to keep up with the high demand for white milk.

Specifically, this has mainly affected the long-lasting ambient milk market, where these long-shelf-life products are proving to be flying off the shelves. As a result, manufacturers such as Dutch company Arla is contemplating strategies to keep up with orders it is gaining from retail but loosing from foodservice across their export markets. For example, the manufacturer has modified its production focus to supply products that it finds to be the most important during the crisis, which includes long-life milk and milk powder. In the UK, the dairy industry also sees the opportunity for white milk, as Dairy UK partners with AHDB to produce a £1 million promotional campaign to drive tea, coffee and milky drink occasions.

Looking forward, this white milk trend is highly likely to continue post-lockdown, as consumers value breakfast occasions and coffee breaks, even in the non-ambient sector. This is ultimately a game-changer for the liquid dairy industry, as government bodies across the world pay close attention to its outcome and most importantly its performance post lockdown.

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