Millennial consumers are the key demographics behind the demand for more sophisticated, creative and premium soft drinks options in a beverage market where alcohol is less accepted as a necessity for social and relaxation occasions.

Premium soft drinks

GlobalData survey research in Q3 2018 revealed that 20% of millennial consumers globally were interested in and actively buying “adult style” soft drinks as alternatives to alcoholic beverages, the highest of any generational cohort. A further 34% were interested but not actively buying such drinks, suggesting a large constituency within that demographic to target with future innovation.

Soft drinks are gaining ground as a credible indulgence through greater use of natural ingredients and flavours. The emergence of unusual or more nuanced and specific flavours, such as the incorporation of botanicals, help to make soft drinks a premium option that can suit the social occasions that historically have been alcohol dominated, with limited non-alcoholic alternatives outside of the usual suspect international soft drink brands. This data also aligns with a leading focus on aspects of the health and wellness trend in that demographic compared to others.

For example, health and wellness is a major motivator in alcoholic beverage choice for them – 54% say it always or often influences their choice of alcohol product. It stands to reason that this also fuels their interest in alcohol alternatives that meet health and wellness needs and reflects a higher than average prevalence of alcohol moderation or avoidance.

From an innovation perspective, the onus is on manufacturers and marketers to act on demand for soft drink alcohol alternatives that can sit credibly from a social and experiential perspective alongside alcohol, giving consumers a wider range of options to tailor for their particular needs while still experiencing indulgent attributes rather than just acting as basic practical replacement for alcohol.

Are you interested in, and buying sophisticated “adult style” soft drinks as alternatives to alcoholic drinks?

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