Covid-19 has hit the world hard, reminding us all how fragile our health can be, and what do we associate with health: a good measure of orange juice!

The public’s sudden taste for the liquid gold has caused a 20% hike in the price of orange juice, due to a classic cocktail of supply and demand (no grenadine).

While supply is restricted, largely owing to closed borders and recent stockpiling trends, demand is high, which has caused future price predictions to increase, therefore, as reported by the BBC, making orange juice one of the best performing assets in 2019.

But why is orange juice one of the very few winners to come out of this pandemic? As previously stated, orange juice is associated with health and wellness and is often consumed as a deterrent for the common cold.

This surge in the category could lead to other products associated with health to have a sudden price increase; for example, chillies are also rich in Vitamin C and will be harder to obtain as they are generally grown out of the UK.

The trouble is that this increase in orange juice, and whatever is to be next in the hunt for healthy products, will affect consumers – they will have to pay more to enjoy the product, and in times of uncertainty, where people are losing jobs and many still could, limited spending power could harm the category’s long-term growth.

Ultimately, if the increase in orange juice prices sticks, then less people will buy it (when the current crisis dies down) and this could actually be detrimental to the category as a whole, and any other health product that suffers the same fate.

However, for now, products with health benefits, natural vitamins or health and wellbeing claims will be ever popular as the nation seeks to become healthier, better versions of themselves.

Therefore, in a volatile stock market, it may be that an apple will become the new ‘Apple’! Health goods in general will increase in price and demand will outstrip supply. This may also mean a surge in home-grown, homemade health goods that will not be affected by the supply chain issues many companies face.

Either that or there will be a surge in greenhouses and orange plants!

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