Naturo, a food tech company from Queensland, Australia, has patented a process it claims can keep 100% natural milk fresh in the fridge for two months.

Naturo claims the process, which has taken five years to develop, is very different from existing methods to produce long-life milk, such as UHT treatment. Dairy Food Safety Victoria verified that the new method had an equivalent or greater effect as pasteurisation.

Milk technology

The Queensland Government have already offered an advance of $250,000 towards developing the technology.

If the new process results in the mass authorised sale of these longer-life milk products, the reliance on more expensive transport, such as air freight, will be reduced and replaced with cheaper alternatives. This will increase the profitability and mass-availability of dairy products, which can last longer in the supply chain and c, therefore, be exported more cheaply or further, and await purchase for longer.

Applied correctly, the consequences of this new technology could present a milestone reduction in food waste from milk spoilage, which will have knock-on effects for every company that uses dairy products and the dairy supply chain. This could also have positive environmental effects as global demand for dairy continues to increase in large part due to population growth, rising incomes and urbanisation in China and India.

According to GlobalData, a majority (56%) of global consumers believe milk protein has a positive effect on their health, and this is especially true in Australia’s target export markets in Asia-Pacific – China, India and Indonesia.

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