With foodservice outlets re-opening after the lockdown restrictions ended in the UK, consumers are still cautious and are gradually adjusting to the ‘new normal’. While some have returned back to their normal life eating and ordering food and drinks from their favourite cafes and restaurants, there are few who are still wary of closed spaces and are not comfortable venturing out.

To address this new change in consumer behaviour, Costa Coffee has redesigned one of its stores near Oxford Street in UK and focussed mainly on ‘on-the-go’ and delivery model by having a street-facing service counter for consumers looking to order a takeaway coffee. Customers are now able to collect pre-ordered drinks by using Costa Coffee’s mobile ordering service via the Costa Coffee club app.

According to Costa Coffee’s global retail director Connie Emerson as di: “We have re-imagined a new store focus; one where visitors to the store can meet friends and take time out in our warm and relaxing seating areas, and give those looking to just grab a coffee on the go a quick and easy limited contact service through a re-designed digital-only ordering service.” It is about giving a choice to consumers to enjoy the way they are most comfortable in.

According to GlobalData’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tracker Consumer Survey – Week 7, approximately 43% of consumers living in London say that they somewhat/strongly agree to purchase food & drink “on-the-go” more often than before, which could be good news for Costa as they are already popular with consumers. The move comes in at a time when the foodservice sector is declining and restaurants / cafes are struggling to adjust to the new guidelines while adhering to best hygiene practices to keep their employees and consumers safe. With social distancing norms in place and other necessary hygiene precautions to follow, both restaurant owners and consumers are having a tough time adjusting to the new ways.

This new store trial can definitely provide a new solution, if successful, can be extended to other locations providing a lifeline to Costa’s dwindling sales in recent times.

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