Wine slushies have all the winning cards to be the drink of the summer 2017 for millennials: easy-to-prepare, colourful, customizable, low in alcohol and, above all, Instagrammable.  The alcoholic take on smoothies looks set to be the new drink to ask for in bars, or indeed prepare at home, this summer.

Despite some interest on social media sites such as Pinterest last year, wine slushies so far remain a refreshing beverage with a relatively niche following. However, in recent months, new and colourful wine slushies have populated the pages of drinkers, increasing visibility online and generating growing interest.

The recipe is simple. Wine slushies require wine (generally white); fruit (any type); ice; a blender and creativity. Such simple ingredients make this beverage extremely versatile and open to multiple consumption occasions; for example pairing with food or socializing with friends. 

According to GlobalData’s Q4 2016 survey, the majority of millennial drinkers (56%) opt to consume wine at home, rather than in bars, pubs and restaurants. This makes wine slushies a possible alternative to traditional wine for this experimental generation, especially given the DIY aspect associated with wine slushies. The ability to tailor the drink based on personal preferences – for the colour, flavour and alcohol content – offers that customizable feature that is always appreciated by millennials.

Furthermore, the sweet aftertaste coming from the inclusion of fruit will entice those 49% of millennials preferring sweet and fruity as flavours in wine, according to GlobalData’s recent Q1 2017 survey on flavour appeal preferences.

Wine brands should capitalize on the trend by promoting slushie recipes using their brands through social media to tap into the millennial trend of the summer. Posting videos online encouraging consumers to create their own wine slushies can both offer the professional expertise to help consumers to prepare the beverage, while increasing brand awareness.

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