Popular British pub chain BrewDog has started producing hand sanitiser driven by the demand and shortages caused by the coronavirus outbreak. BrewDog has stated that the sanitiser will be given away to local charities and the community rather than sold. This is an innovative service incorporating the much-needed unity between businesses and the public during this epidemic.

According to Globaldata’s 2019 Q3 Consumer Survey, 64% of global consumers ‘try to keep their home germ-free and tidy’. This statistic is expected to increase in the wake of the coronavirus and self-isolation among consumers around the world. Releasing home-use cleaning products from manufacturers niche to this market may be a positive as they are meeting the demand in a practical fashion while also increasing the credibility of the brand.

French luxury good giant LVMH is another example of a large business converting its factory space to produce hand sanitiser and offering them for free to French hospitals. Mimicking Boris Johnson’s wartime language in this week’s announcements to the UK, this is a time when corporations and consumers need to support each other to win the fights against the enemy, coronavirus.

As this is a relatively new move by big businesses and not yet saturated, it is likely that more companies will jump on this band wagon in the upcoming weeks to help those most in need, increase brand image and gain a little profit from general consumers. A Bristol gin distillery is another example, but what more can we expect to see? Wetherspoons sanitiser, a Lynx limited edition anti-viral wipes or even perhaps a celebrity inspired variant.

By releasing such products, brand image can be increased among the general public and gain support from consumers at a time when the FMCG and HoReCa sector is facing unprecedented and challenging times. By further offering such products to consumers around the world, and specifically to those in most need, for free, companies are helping to develop a relationship that will be maintained after the coronavirus epidemic subsides.

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