In order to promote its range of alcohol-free (AF) products, Brewdog has launched the world’s first alcohol-free bar this January in central London, UK.

In its Q4 2019 consumer survey, GlobalData found that the majority of global consumers (54%) state that they find alcoholic drinks with low / no alcohol appealing. In the same survey, 32% of consumers stated that they were actively trying to reduce their alcohol consumption.

Health and wellness concerns, that are especially front of mind at the start of the year for consumers, are influencing consumption habits and causing consumers to be more mindful about their alcohol intake. However, these consumers will not want to compromise on quality or taste.

In their press release on the launch, BrewDog stated that taste and inclusivity are the key factors driving the launch: “Craft beer is a point of difference, and we have long believed in its power to banish the status quo that alcohol-free has somehow become synonymous with taste-free. We also believe in inclusivity, and the BrewDog AF Bar, is here to be that difference-maker to those who are looking for an alternative to call their own.”

It is becoming increasingly important that, regardless of the lifestyle choices consumers are making, they are catered for wherever they choose to shop. Brands and retailers in both grocery and foodservice have been adapting more readily to dietary trends and ensuring that they stock a range of ‘free from’ alternatives.

As well as health concerns, on-the-go lifestyles are making the social consumption occasions of alcohol more difficult to manage. With more and more consumers wanting to stay mobile and on-the-go, low/no alcohol drinks are becoming more socially acceptable and desirable. It is therefore vital that brands and outlets consider how they incorporate these alternatives in future innovation.

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