Digital consumption, one of the key trends to shape modern consumer behaviour as identified in GlobalData’s TrendSights map, is becoming mainstream, propelled forward by the Covid-19 outbreak. As a result, virtual online parties and events are increasingly common, and brands are leveraging this as important touchpoints with consumers.

What is less noted is how brands are able to use these online services not only as a way to reinforce their reputation, but also promote new product launches when many categories are suffering from a lack of on-trade sales, and Beer52 is no different. With 83% of UK consumers stating that they drink alcohol (GlobalData’s 2019 Q4 Consumer Survey – global), the subscription-based craft beer club is utilising an online platform to showcase its latest craft beers and support independent partners in reaching consumers directly.

What’s more, 43% of UK consumers like to try out the newest flavours as soon as they are available (somewhat/always responses combined). The online beer festival will be streamed live, with specially picked beers delivered to participant’s doorsteps in order to follow along with the beer tastings. Digital consumption is a great way for independent brands to showcase new product launches in a more interactive and accessible manner. Rather than spending a tonne on traditional marketing, the online beer festival allows brands to launch new products, and gets consumers to actively participate in the discussion.

Such digital initiatives are not without their pitfalls, however. While it brings increased diversity and accessibility, for example, people with disabilities or single parents with limited time are able to more freely participate in such events without physical barriers, they may also prove harder to monitor and regulate. Age verification may also prove a challenge as it will be harder to ensure all participants are above the legal age.

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